Job Title – Stylist / Owner

Hometown – Horsham, West Sussex

Training & Experience –  30+ years – Brighton, London, Johannesburg

Arran Blair Pullen

Arran began cutting hair at 14, when he asked his mum, a former London hairdresser for tips on how to cut his schoolmates hair.

From that moment on, nothing was going to prevent him from taking it up as a profession, even a slightly disapproving father who only wanted him to go to University.

After a “wasted year” in further education, he finally was free to enter the industry and walked around Brighton hair salons pleading for an apprenticeship.

Fast forward 30 + years, with stints working in London and overseas and two previous salon businesses, Arran is now very proud to open a boutique style salon in the idyllic village of East Preston, West Sussex.

What should I expect when I visit Arran ?


I’m a big believer in helping people feel comfortable and relaxed – When someone feels like that, they then are in a position to trust and to open up.  

A great haircut or colour will often depend on the level of conversation you have with your client, the depth at which you are both willing to share your ideas, desires, and dislikes.

Once my client and I are clear on the vision, then it almost feels like you’re working together. I do ask a lot of questions because the client has had their hair far longer than I have! 

I thrive on challenges and changes. If I don’t believe that a particular shape or colour is right for my client, I’ll always be straightforward and explain my reasoning. 


To book a complimentary consultation with Arran or one of his talented team, please call 01903 776000.