Are you bored with your hair?

Stuck in the same old cycle of full head colouring or foil highlights?

If you are, let’s give you some inspiration and shed some light on the latest colouring techniques and hair colouring terminology.


Ombre –

Many people get confused between a Balayage and an Ombre so here’s the difference…You see how the root colour is “made darker” (if you’re not dark enough) and the blend from root to tip going lighter is more obvious. This can work in a variety of colours from blondes, reds or blue if you so choose.

Prices start from £65 excluding toner and cutting/styling.

Ombre hair colouring

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Balayage –

Coming from the French term to sweep or paint, this colouring effect is proving a hit as it’s soft highlighted appearance means there’s little regrowth to worry about and therefore keeps maintenance low. The stylist paints a bleach (pre-lightener) or colour on the surface of the hair away from the root area to give a natural blend, gradually becoming lighter towards the hair tip. It’s normally advisable to have your hair cut before this colouring service and as with any bleaching product use a treatment such as Olaplex or Smartbond afterward to help maintain the hair’s strength and internal structure.

We would always recommend a free consultation before booking your appointment so that you and your stylist can discuss your colour options.

Prices start from £65 excluding toner and cutting/styling.


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Sobre –

Think of this technique as a softer version of an Ombre.

The root colour is normally lighter than that of an Ombre and therefore the blend from dark to light more subtle. The ends of the hair are fully lightened and normally toned to create this appealing natural-looking effect.

Again, cutting prior to colouring is essential to keep the dark to light effect at it’s best. Talk to your stylist to discuss your desired tone you like and your low maintenance colour is bound to wow!

Sobre hair colouring

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Highlights –

Sure, who hasn’t heard of this colouring technique? However, within this colouring effect, we have three separate options depending upon how often you visit a salon or the overall effect you want to achieve.

T- Bar –

Foils are placed from front hairline to the crown and from the ear to meet the foils running through the middle in a T like shape. This is often used as a top-up technique and to disguise any regrowth on the parting areas that has grown through from a previous highlight application.

Prices start at £46 excluding cutting/styling.

Half Head –

This foil placement begins just above the occipital bone in the back of the head all over the remaining head. This technique is useful if you don’t mind the appearance of darker hair in the nape area or require a slightly less overall highlighted look. Finer weaves can be taken nearer the nape to help blend the colour into the darker underneath sections.

Prices start at £58 excluding cutting/styling.

Full Head –

As the term suggests, foils are placed throughout the head.

Prices start at £73 excluding cutting/styling.

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When hair is chemically pre-lightened (bleached) it goes through a series of colour changes, typically from medium brown to warm brown to dark warm blond to blond.

The pre-lightener is removing colour pigment within the hair to reveal the new level of lightness. However, this “raw colour” is often not the desired tone i.e “too coppery/warm” or “too yellow” hence we use toners to alter this tone and achieve the perfect shade.

As professional hairdressers, we know which toners neutralize or “cancels out” which unwanted tones.

Toners can also be useful if you’ve been in the sun and lost the desired tone in your hair. Yes, they fade lighter, especially in the sun, as will any colour.

Talk to your stylist about if your next colour will require a toner to achieve that perfect look you want.

Prices start from £21

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