Arran Blair Pullen





Arran began cutting hair at 14, when he asked his mum, a former London hairdresser for tips on how to cut his schoolmates hair.

After a “wasted year” in further education, he finally was free to enter the industry and walked around Brighton hair salons pleading for an apprenticeship. He eventually succeeded and has never looked back.

After working in London for 3 years, Arran went on to open his first salon near Windsor at 22, enjoying the challenge of being a salon owner there for nearly 10 years. From there, Arran wanted to spread his wings and pursued an opportunity running a chain of hair salons in South Africa for 2 years, before returning to the U.K to join Crowns Hairdressing Group as a Franchisee in Worthing. He is now very proud to open his new boutique style salon in the idyllic village of East Preston, West Sussex.





 Creative Director/ Extensionist

With almost 10 years of hairdressing experience, we are excited to have Abbi as our Creative Director here at AB hairdressing. She adores hair colouring, hair up styling and is a skilled expert in hair extensions. Along with this she has a great eye for detail and relishes a complete cutting redesign.




Senior Stylist/Manager

Tash began her hairdressing career when she worked as a Saturday girl at the age of 14. Her enthusiasm and warm nature made her a star apprentice and she quickly went on to qualify with flying colours. Having trained under Arran in a previous salon, Arran recognised her skill and attention to detail and asked her to join the team when he opened the salon in East Preston. 

Tash gained recognition for her colouring expertise by being a L’Oreal Colour Trophy Finalist in 2017, hairdressings most prestigious colour competition. 




Senior Stylist/ Extensionist

Ruby joined the team in July 2019 from Rush in Brighton and has brought her personal unique style and creative cutting and colouring skills to us here in East Preston.

As a true professional, Ruby adores making women feel glamorous and has a wonderful way with her guests. Ruby is one of our hair extension specialists and will work with you, to create your perfect choice in added hair too. As a technically trained and gifted cutter, she will also advise and create a style that works with your hair type and lifestyle.

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